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Mission :

RYB is the only music company specialized in providing authentic, cutting-edge, and electronic music for your campaign. Our mission is to make an impact through sound, to connect that missing link with millennials, to step out of tradition and into tomorrow.

Our Work :

We offer a roster of top shelf artists making big waves on the scene. RYB is #1 in providing music to brands wishing to resonate their Millennial consumers.

We've seen great success, working with Nintendo, Sprint, and many more - check out some of our work by CLICKING HERE

Who Are The Millennial's ? :

They’re changing laws, pushing boundaries, and progressing society; A movement, a lifestyle, the future; Liberal, diverse in race, sexuality, and culture; Free spirits; Tech savvy and stylish; Gamers, sport stars, fashionistas and foodies; They are young professionals by day and party people by night; They are 86.Million strong in America alone, making up an annual $1.3 trillion of consumer spending; They Love, Live & Breathe MUSIC; They know what they want… and that’s where WE come in!!

We are Millennial’s; We are RYB; A collective of music industry professionals working, and living within the scene; Connecting with our own community makes curating the perfect soundtrack for your project our passion; And getting that perfect track is crucial, after all …’We know what we want’!! We combine cutting-edge music with extensive marketing research tailored to your campaign; We provide Musical Science!! Our unique formula has already proven successful with Nintendo, Sprint/Samsung, Bloomingdales, Nissan and many other brand’s wishing to reach their Millennial consumers; We are NOT your traditional music library.

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