Andreas Moser

Originally a lawyer from Germany, I went on sabbatical after 7 years of work. The sabbatical has been going on for longer than I envisioned. I returned to university and completed an MA in Philosophy. I discovered that there are more important things than work.

I have led youth exchange groups to Israel, helped to fight forest fires in France, repatriated kidnapped children to the United States, crossed the Australian outback, spent a week at Evin prison in Iran, worked as a lawyer for the US Army and walked across England from coast to coast. Knowing myself, more adventures will follow.

Since leaving Germany in 2009, I have lived in London, in Malta, in Lithuania and now in Italy.

My current goals are learning Italian and making a move into journalism.

I invite you to read my blog in English or my blog in German. If you contact me for legal or other advice, you can increase your chances of receiving a reply significantly by mailing me one of the books from my wishlist.