Joris Claeys

ecoNVERGE – Inspire ● Harmony ● Balance
Inspire one - 1x = X1 - motivate many!
INCISIVE Knowledge Converged
| ECOLOGICALLY Inspired, Sustainable Disseminated
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Interactive Community & Econological Lattice Platform building.
ENGAGE DYNAMIC CAPACITY – “Inspire Innovation! Embrace Change!”
global reach, glocal motion WE are Unlimited!

CAPix – Expanding horizon!
Sustainability, Resilience, Thrivability and Econologics Coaching.

Water defines the flow of life!

At first sight there is little you can do about that flow, but the closer you get and understand that you are part of that flow in nature, you realize that you have life in your hands and carry responsibility for self and others.
How wide you want to explore, is up to each of us and their capacities, capabilities and comfort zone.

Thriving in the flow of Life!
Ideas for Life! Soul of Life!

Change cultivator partnering with the world to facilitate change through the Transition Narrative towards Society 3.0. Think and act without the box!

» Business, Industry & Market COACH
» knowledgEnabler
» Community CAPACITY Builder

Active in the Knowledge Economy, Change Facilitation, Resilience & Thrivability Coaching, Organizational Development, Whole Systems Thinking & Transformation, Appreciative Inquiry, Renewables & Environment - for organizations, teams, communities and industries.

• Corp. & Public Sustainability, Resilience Building to Thrivability
• Lifestyle Balance, Green Living, Green Architecture
• Entertainment, Hospitality & Leisure
• Evolution of Advanced Technologies & CLEANtech
• Enterprise CLOUD Integration, BIGdata & Semantic Web3.0
• Business Networking, Social Media & Marketing Mix
• Community Management & Econological Advocacy

Extended ENTERPRISE Econological SUSTAINABLE ValueChain Solutions

Transformational changes in social values, resource needs & technological advances.
Realizing sustainable balance in our social & economic circle of life!