JC Carlos

JC Carlos started as a part time link builder when he was in college in 2009. This led to his interest in search engine optimization and other things related to online marketing. He graduated in 2010 with a degree in Information Technology and worked as a full-time SEO specialist in Manila Visa, a law firm and visa consulting company in Makati City, Philippines. Then he joined 360training.com late 2010 and worked there as an SEO. He also had a few SEO consultancy works for a US travel company and a US-based company that sells vacuum cleaners. His favorite things about Search Engine Optimization are constantly learning new things, analyzing competitors and formulating a strategy. He is currently working as a Digital Marketing Lead in HousingInteractive.com, a real estate brokerage company based in Makati, Philippines, and he's focusing more on SEO, social media, content marketing and SEM.

He keeps himself updated with the latest news and current trends in SEO by participating in forums, reading a LOT of internet marketing blogs especially SEO blogs and chatting with friends who are also in the digital marketing industry. He enjoys playing basketball, a LAKER fanatic, loves reading manga and watching anime videos of Naruto Shippuden. He loves to watch TV series from US (e.g. Breaking Bad, Dexter), TLC as well as watching movies almost everyday. He played for 4 years in college as a tenor or quad drummer in a marching band in the Philippines, the University of Luzon Drum and Bugle Corps (national champion since 1983). Playing drums is one of the things he love. Follow hm @jccarlos0318.