Denice Rochelle

raised urban Seattle
transplanted rural Skagit

Inspired by beaches sea and sunsets, color and animals, salt-of-the-earth people and the honor system, farms and country roads. Bicycle-motorcycle-car-RV: I'm happy when rubber meets road. Binge artist, letter writer, reader, tractor operator, 70s funk and roots reggae. Various healing arts. Preparing those who have passed for burial/cremation (dressing, cosmetics, nails, hair) similar to Tahara.

Residential Real Estate Broker, I help people sell buy and 1031 exchange property wherever they choose to bloom. Seattle - Skagit - Where You Need Me

DIY Farm AGvocate, visit and learn about everyday people who farm Skagit County

Volunteer -
WSU Skagit Extension Livestock Advisor
Helping Hands Food Bank
Bikers Reaching Out