Muhammad Saad

Saad is a 3D Game Developer & CG Artist Professionally at "3D-GIT". A Web Developer & Designer, A Programmer, A Blogaholic, An IT Enthusiast, A Hardcore FPS Gamer, A Windows, Linux, Symbian & Android geek..

He is the Owner and BlogMaster of "Gamemunition" Blog, A blog where you can find unlimited resource for gaming news, reviews, previews, guides and information regarding the latest events. The site is relentless in updating itself and helps every gamer out there in learning about their favorite past time.

He was the Co-Founder & BlogMaster of "The Tech Mag" Blog, A blog where you can find all the latest Gadgets, Gizmos, Apple, Microsoft, Android, Technology reviews & news under one roof.

He earned many achievments like his "3D game's map" project. He loves food and traveling. Also a big Tech-o-maniac.

You can find him at twitter @ "" or can visit his personal CG portfolio @ "" & his 3D game level project's blog @ ""...